American Advertisement LP


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PREORDER - LP will be released July 10th, and will ship within a week of the release date.

The debut full length from Seattle's Advertisement plunges deep into the recesses of dark comedy, crystalizing images of a cartoonish surveillance state into spun-out pop fragments, painting apartment bound, incense-soaked queens in sprawling drags of looping distortion, commemorating flaming horses with hard-ons in Laurel Canyon inflected melodies. Stripped of any pretense of rock n' roll escapism, this LP oscillates between wry cynicism and giddy, almost cruel optimism, channeling an unconventional set of influences ranging from the emotive, drunk rabble of Karen Dalton and the sprawling, staggered sway of Television to the more molly-burnt sides of Royal Trux and the Happy Mondays. This is uncalculated, life-affirming music, a laughing chorus pointed at art's tendency towards nihilism. Self-released by the band and distributed in partnership with Patchwork Fantasy out of Chicago, first pressing of 500. Each 12" comes with a foldout, risographed 24"x36" poster, designed by guitarist Ryan Mangione.